Although Catholics of Black African descent represent nearly 25% of the over one billion Latin Rite Catholics throughout the world, in more than 59 countries, they only account for an estimated 3% (3 million) of all Catholics in the United States.

Perhaps it is because of their under-representation in society and in the Church, that the conversion of Black Americans from Protestantism, Agnosticism, and other faith traditions to the Catholic Church remains to be one of the best kept secrets in the history of North American Christianity.

BlackAmericanCatholic.COM was created for Black Americans to tell their story about how they discovered or rediscovered the truth and found a home in the only Church that Christ Jesus established for them through His Apostles. If a people don’t bear witness to their own story, no one else will.

To submit your conversion story to BlackAmericanCatholic.COM just use the form below, or email us at We look forward to reading and publishing your story here!

Need help crafting your conversion story? Take at Look at Our Tips:

How to Begin?
A good conversion story is free of glamorization of sin or embellishments. Stick with the truth, it always works. Don’t worry about the length, just write what you have discerned the Holy Spirit is leading you to write. Dare to be transparent and bear witness of what God has done for you. After we receive your conversion story, we will contact you via email to ask for a photo of you to publish with your submission.
First Section
In the first few paragraphs of your conversion story, you’ll want to take us back to beginning. What type of family were your raised in? What faith tradition were present? What was your exposure to Catholicism? What type of relationship did you have with Jesus?
Middle Section
What was the turning point of your life that led you home to the Catholic Church? Describe what happened that brought about your change. After you have briefly described some of the events that led you to take a serious look at the Catholic Church, describe in detail your conversion process and some of the struggles you had. What teachings of the Catholic Church were the most difficult for you? What other obstacles were there in your path? What was the one or two teachings of the Catholic Church that you knew you couldn’t turn you back on once you discovered them (e.g. dignity of human life, the Holy Eucharist, the Communion of Saints)?
Wrapping it Up. Bow on Top!
What does the ‘After Picture’ look like? By virtue of you coming home to the Catholic Church, who are you today? Write about the positive benefits of your new life in Christ through the teachings of the Catholic Church. Be specific about this, and write in a way that non-Catholics, or even non-Christians can understand.

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